Abstract Delivery

When is an abstract call available?

The abstract call already available since

June, 1st 2018

When is the abstract submission deadline?

The closing date of abstract submission is on

July, 25th 2018

Will there be an abstract mentoring program?

Yes, the abstract facilitation program will start from

1st June until 5th August 208

About Conference

How can I register to receive conference mail, Update on Conference?

If you are already registered, comitte will send every updates information to you email. If you haven’t registered yourself yet Register Here

Any questions about the conference, who do I contact?

You can contact us trough email


In addition, if your question is related to your abstract submission, please contact our scientific committee at


Where can I find information about exhibitions and sponsors?

Details of exhibitions and sponsors can be found at


What language will the presentation do?

The official language of the congress is English and all submission of sessions and abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

About Symposium

What is a focused symposium?

The focused symposium is very important for the conference program. Popular with conference delegates, they attract a wide audience and provide lively discussions. They are a 60 minute session led by a chairman who is a recognized expert on the field. The chair has the responsibility to invite and lead a group of international presenters through a series of evidence-based and critical presentations reflectively reflecting, attracting relevance, application, short messages and potential challenges to the audience.

How can I submit a focused symposium proposal?

Deadline for submission of proposal,

May 2018

When will I receive a notification whether my proposal for a focused symposium has been accepted or rejected?

All focused symposium senders will be notified of whether their proposal has been accepted for presentation in

June 2018

or not.

If my symposium is accepted, when will I know the date where I will present it?

All presenters will be notified of the time and date of their presentation in

July 2018

I am a presenter of a symposium, not a chair, and want to make a publication of a conference, will I be viewed as an abstract writer?

All presenters of the symposium will appear as co-author in abstract and appear in the conference program. Therefore you can include abstracts in your publication list. There may also be other potential output from the conference leading to additional publications

Call for Abstract

Abstracts are invited in the following categories

We are invites lectures, clinicians, students and researcher to present the current findings on physiotherapy field (electrophysical agent, sport, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, pediatric, geriatric), neurosciense, biomedicine or other relevant topics. The categories are divided into oral and poster presentation session. For guidelines Click Here

How to submit an abstract ?

You can your submit abstract through the ICIPA website Here

All abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Also, please ensure that your e-mail address is accurate at the time of submission. All correspondence will be sent via e-mail to the corresponding author (abstract submitter).

Structure of an Abstract

Your abstract must include the four subheading :

1. Introduction – A brief statement on the purpose of the study and the current state of research in the field. Maximum 2 sentences

2. Methods – The methods of study must be defined briefly and consist of at least, study design, subject, data collection procedure, and data analyses.

3. Results – A summary of the study results, including sufficient details to support the conclusions.

4. Conclusion – A statement describing the significance of the work and its implications for physiotherapy field and/or further research.

Ethical Approval

You must ensure that your research was carried out ethically in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association